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1 poem

by Alex Vigue

Alex Vigue is a non-binary writer from a small town in Washington State. He has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Western Washington University and has been published in Vinyl, Maudlin House, and Lockjaw Magazine. His debut chapbook The Myth of Man was a finalist for the Floating Bridge Press chapbook competition. He volunteers his time trying to impress the importance of poetry to people of all ages.

Vinegar and Tonya Harding


My sister cleans the bathroom with



I leave to buy some snacks at the

corner store in Ridgefield,

a store so famous that no one calls it

by its actual name


The vinegar lingers in the a/c vents

salty chips wet the summer with

chubby yellow


the highway that spines the entire west

coast runs right through me

I work at a bank on the banks

of the tar artery


boat loans, RV loans, summer home

loans, people filling up the city and the

surrounding cities with big new houses

to stuff their money into


Tonya Harding becomes re-famous

post infamous

vinegar tongue pressed up against

Battle Ground yellow cigarette teeth


Vinegar wine growing in the traffic circles

I chase each day

round-a-bout red

restless riesling

vinegar rotting in the grey exhaust


grapes day dreaming of Tesla motorists

so they can have a reprieve from

all their heavy carbon dioxide breaths


too much respiration, too much photosynthesis

too much juice that the skein is



Tonya Harding’s rosé lips

Tonya Harding’s cabernet apple cheeks

pale vinegar sky

cooking me through fermentation


the ore mining smell, the vodkadic potatoes

the volcanic desire for another bag of chips


I invite myself to Pride because I crave

commonality but alone walking the Ester Short

loops I realize the crowd is vinegar

and although I am craving something

sour, my body really needs tenderness


or detoxification, a lake to drink,

a charcoal mask, a charcoal shampoo,

a close friend telling the truth, a close

friend wizening, a heavy velvet

curtain stained with cat piss

ammonia begets itself

vinegar can’t fix this

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