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1 poem
by Cy March

Cy March is a poet currently living in Portland, Oregon. They like to read poetry, cook meals with friends, and bike over bridges. Some of their work can be found in Hobart Pulp and sea foam mag.

July Sequence


after Sonia Sanchez’s “Sequences”


what is this profusion

of selves?


today i am


today i am

picking blackberries

today i am

angry at the people i love

today i am

looking at myself in the mirror

today i am

thinking about my father



in my father’s time

he sang to me

he brushed his teeth in the mirror with me

he grabbed my mother’s face and smiled at me


today he is

at the grocery store

today he is

telling me about his garden



ah the lull of



on a bus and thinking about my father


the bus goes through a tunnel i didn’t know existed

and i want to tell him about it


i try to see myself in the reflection of the bus window

but i’m sitting too far to the side



in my time i am

rubbing my eyes in the mirror


in my time i am

rubbing my eyes in the mirror and singing

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