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Dynas Johnson (she/her) is a poet, friend, plant mom, space girl, and many things. Her most recent work is featured in FreezeRay Poetry, The Giving Room Review, Superfroot, Ghost City Press, and others. Her micro-chap living in august is forthcoming as a part of Ghost City Press’s Summer Series. Right now Dynas is into indie, funk, playing Minecraft, and watching craft videos on Youtube. Find her on Twitter @Dynasthepoet.

1 poem
by Dynas Johnson

Editor's note: We recommend reading this piece on desktop due to its unique formatting.

preparations for sleepover

all day the sun strawberried and oranged

dousing an ordinary 2021 day something warm

sparkling     stained me fruit salad     i sat finishing cover

letters and playing minecraft        redesigning a world

night gradually settling          fanta to creamy float then bubbly milk

dark except for the artificial light cutting 9:00pm like cookie dough

peepholes for dreams to look through       human shapes folding

in the half light as i walk across the street to rite aids

my t-shirt already hugging my armpits      coming away damp

i have the kind of body that only half dries

april’s going to be warmer than last year          the excitement

of lavender laundry detergent and sakuras making me miss things

               i’m planning a slumber party and all my friends

               who missed out on last summer are invited

               i wanna buy colors of nail polish i’ve never used before colors i grew up thinking were too grown

               i wanna get ice cream with cookie dough chunks and chocolate syrup and unnecessary toppings

               i wanna buy face masks all after different foods: aloe vera honey cucumber      avocado me 


               i stare too long at the milk cartons behind the glass

               debate grabbing chocolate milk or going to get cream soda

my bestie’s going to spend the night tomorrow

i haven’t held her      really really held her     since our argument last october

laying next to each other sometimes still feels more like shy teddy bears

than s’mores melting over campfire

but ours is the kind of love that heals with text messages

about sexuality hair dyes laughing over discord working through family drama

and sharing our favorite songs        so when she comes over

i’ll put on my current fav indie playlist

and lay her hair with bleach to cover the black

in preparation for next month’s green

last time we hugged again         it was like a change of seasons: sudden sakuras

blooming under a fruit salad sun


i lean my mind against the glass: i came here for a purpose

the snack aisle’s singing to me from around the corner

i’ve been craving tortilla chips and salsa

something you eat with friends        bumping hands

and breaking off your chips in the dip     yummy

and getting soggy         we eat it like so

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