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Hannah Rego is a writer from Louisville, Kentucky. They have attended residencies through Spalding University's Low-Res MFA and SAFTA through Sundress Publications. Their poetry appears in BOAAT, BOMB Magazine, Breakwater Review, E·ratio and elsewhere. They live in Brooklyn and on twitter @hannahkalena.

1 poem by Hannah Rego

Super Smash Lovers


I’ve dreamt in video game

maps, I’ve thought a screen

a portal to another person’s

mind. Sometimes it becomes

so clear that I have

always loved the way I’ve

loved; in his basement,

when he changed the melee

time to unlimited, I believed

there’d be no end

to his arm & my arm &

the couch, to him throwing

barrels of fire at my head.

Please, keep me here. Even

when I walk off edge after

edge, I’d rather reappear again

above you.

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