J.B. Stone is an emerging poet originally from Brooklyn, NY, now residing in Buffalo, NY. He has poetry featured in The Occulum, In Between Hangovers, Anti-Heroin Chic, Vending Machine Press, Iconoclast, and a forthcoming poetry in Ghost City Review. Also feel free to follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JB_StoneTruth and on Instagram @benjamin.jared

1 poem 

by J.B. Stone



I am side-winded
with a brain
like a distorted picture
I could use
some sunshine
into my serotonin levels
as my melatonin
starts to medicate misery

the feeling of shrapnel

to the eardrums


in the blood-soaked colors

of sound

the crimson red

gushes from the lobes,

but I’m still smiling

still laughing

I may be deaf now,

but not dead yet

Sea-foam green

and chlorine blue

a scenery

with tinted visions

so I spin like scratched vinyl


constantly on repeat

until I start to leap

from the needle

pinning me to my surface

and crack to pieces

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