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Kaitlin Hsu 徐欣

Kaitlin Hsu 徐欣 is a Taiwanese poet currently living in the Bay Area. She is a big fan of crosswords, cats, milk, and milk alternatives. 

Personality Test

You wish you were

❏ an inch taller

❏ written about

❏ invisible

You are not over

❏ losing your copy of Mrs Dalloway

❏ losing in student council elections to your ex

❏ your ex

You think intimacy is

❏ slicing fruit

❏ telepathy

❏ forgotten secrets

You are tired of

❏ deadlines

❏ small mirrors

❏ saying no

You like the fact that

❏ the moon has moonquakes

❏ only humans blush

❏ a heart beats 100,000 times a day

You dream of

❏ becoming a superhero

❏ becoming a tree

❏ becoming yourself

You do not know how to

❏ whistle

❏ rock climb

❏ forgive

You are scared of

❏ yesterday

❏ today

❏ tomorrow

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