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Matt Proctor is a poet from Columbus, Ohio. He is the creator of the video bildungsoman, “scenes from a life,” which airs on Brooklyn Public Access Television and was nominated for BRIC's Free Speech Award.

1 poem by Matt Proctor

end of forever

soho evening
large pink chunk
of light
on the church
across prince street
if there was a terrorist
attack it’d prolly
be here
mcnally jackson
saturday evening
me and a 
buncha professionals
at café tables
kim kardashian
got robbed
at gunpoint
last night
in her and 
kanye’s paris
twitter was aflutter
between her
and trump
the characters
were busy
I’m glad she
wasn’t hurt
everyone agrees
the world’s gone
from bad
to worse
things of permanent 
consequence are starting 
to occur
I used to watch
the video 
for ‘bound 2’ 
and think
about us
the bass 
placed me back
in college
last chode
on the dance 
floor at the
bro bar
eeking it out 
to a reiterating
my college
dollar pitchers
sorority finance
majors looking
for an alpha
in a popped collar
I wanna 
fuck you hard
on the sink
kanye speaks
for manic depressive
art bro narcissist dropouts 
kim k riding his
high handled harley
through synthetic lycra
lisa frank cyber sky
like an egg
the internet to 
thing about
the dark ages
is still they go on
do you remember 
seeing a part of the light
clunking to be born?
I do

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