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by Melissa Efrus

Drawing from the life cycle of cicadas, Melissa Efrus (she/her) asks the question, “Can anyone exhaust an act or a concept or a feeling truly, in the time that they have?” This collection of work, entitled Phases, revolves around exaggerations of familiar but nevertheless eye-widening and transcendental experiences. A rhythm and mirroring, of human nature and natural phenomena. A flow of light through a body on a brisk day. The comparativeness between a body of water freezing over for the first time, goosebumps on skin. The overflow. Being in the overgrowth. Melissa continues to explore language through analog photographic processes and wants to explode.


Melissa Efrus_Untitled 1_Polaroid emulsi

Polaroid emulsion lift

Melissa_Efrus_Untitled 2_Triptych of gel

Triptych of gelatin silver prints

Melissa Efrus_Untitled 4.PNG
Melissa Efrus_Untitled 5_Polaroid.jpg


Melissa Efrus_Untitled 8.jpg
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