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Nadia de Vries is the author of Dark Hour (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018). Her work has recently been featured or is forthcoming in HyperallergicThe Poetry ReviewCUMULUS, and Hobart. She lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

3 poems

by Nadia de Vries

Museum of Past Lives


In five years,

I will teach myself a new language.


I will buy a lilac-scented candle.


I don’t like the smell of lilacs

but I like the smell of burning.


My Rape Story Is Not Your Rape Story


I like shadows, light rain,

and limoncello cream.

Schwarzwälder Kirsch,

or how the dark forest

carried a sweet, fat heart.



Grief Logic


I want to eat at a bad restaurant

because I am hungry

and I am bad.

What does disappointment taste like,

a grimace? A smile?

I want to go somewhere beautiful

and really be let down.

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