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Introducing Season 4's Peach Seed Resident Julia Beck

We are so thrilled to finally announce our Season 4 resident of the Peach Seed Residency for Emerging Editors, Julia Beck!

Julia, who is entering her senior year at Buffalo Seminary, was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She loves poetry, knitting, and doing the most. Her greatest weakness is not being able to say no, which has led her to be president of Buffalo Seminary's Model UN club, Donate Life club, and National Honor Society, as well as captain of her squash and sailing teams. Now she's a Peach Seed! She views poetry as creative catharsis, and is partial to a cheesy limerick. Julia’s most famous poem was a piece written in second grade titled “Heather’s into Leather,” which her mom shared with all of her friends, much to Julia’s dismay (and embarrassment).

The Peach Seed Residency for Emerging Editors is our annual apprenticeship program for Buffalo-based teens in their senior year of high school. We give our resident seeds total creative freedom to develop their editorial and curatorial skills by publishing monthly features by teen writers and artists every third Tuesday of the month, as well as by booking teen writers and artists to perform at our Episodes Reading Series. Prompted by the need to include more youth voices in our publications and readings, we established the program last year when we brought on our inaugural seed, Sage Enderton.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's feature when we showcase a couple poems by Julia, and tune in every third Tuesday of the month to read her selections. Welcome, Julia!



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