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Saying Goodbye to Peach Poetry Editor Sennah Yee

We are so sad to share that our beloved poetry editor Sennah Yee is moving on from her position at Peach. While we're bummed to see her go, we are so grateful to her for all of the time, attention, and care she dedicated to our journal's poetry curation over the past four years, and thrilled about the many creative and editorial projects she'll be focusing on next!

We first met Sennah during the summer of 2017 when she read at the Toronto tour stop for our legendary Peach Goth Tour with Shabby Doll House. (Rachelle here: it was love at first sight!) Later that year, we published three poems from her stellar debut poetry collection How Do I Look? (Metatron Press, 2017) in our journal, which we republished alongside some of her new work in our Season 2 Yearbook. In late 2018, we invited her to Buffalo to read at our New Year's Eve masquerade party with Foundlings Press (she slayed). The rest is history: when senior poetry editor Liz Bowen and I decided it was time to bring on a few more poetry editors, Sennah was top of both of our lists, along with Aeon Ginsberg and Kelly Xio. All-star team.

Four years and literally thousands of poetry submissions later, Sennah is stepping down from her role to direct more of her attention to her own various writing projects as well as to In the Mood Magazine, a Toronto-based pop culture journal "about the things we like to watch" that she edits with Gabrielle Marceau and Kay Evans-Stocks. We had the real pleasure of collaborating with the In the Mood dream team last fall on a Crossover Episode to virtually launch their Horror Issue—find a recording of the reading on our YouTube and a conversation between our teams in our Indie Lit column—and we can't wait to see what else this crew has in store!

In Sennah's own words:

After four amazing years, I've decided the time has come for me to hang up my Peach Mag editor's hat to focus more on my passion project, In The Mood Magazine (more events! more goodies!), and my next writing projects (a movie-themed poetry collection! a soft sci-fi novella!).
I'm so grateful for everything that Peach has brought—to me, and to the community. This was my first poetry editing experience, and I learned so much and met so many lovely people through it. All my love to Liz, Aeon, Kelly, Jakob, my libra sister Rachelle, and the rest of the dreamy Peach team! What a gift to collaborate with you and read hundreds of incredible poems from the community. I'll be cheering on everyone and everything at Peach—I cannot WAIT to see what's next. Peach forever and always!

Sennah is the resident sweetheart on our team and it will not be possible to replace her—simply won't! It's been the realest working with you, Sennah. Thank you for everything. We fucking love you.



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