Saying Goodbye to Season 5 Peach Seeds Charlotte Hughes and Dohyun Kim

It is with big sad hearts that we have to say goodbye to this season's residents of the Peach Seed Apprenticeship for Emerging Editors, Charlotte Hughes and Dohyun Kim. They gave us a stellar year of editing youth work for our journal! Reminisce with us:

We can't wait to see what they do next, so we caught up with them over email to learn more about their year with us, where they're headed next, and the roles they hope writing and writing communities will continue to play in their lives.

What are your plans for next year?

Charlotte: I'm planning on attending Yale University this fall, and this summer I'm working at a summer day camp for elementary & middle schoolers. Writing, watching movies, reading, hanging out are givens (lol).

Dohyun: I’m going to Stanford! Which also means I’m staying in California. This summer I took a lot of tutoring jobs here and there; I did it at first because I wanted some money to build a PC but I’m now realizing that I genuinely enjoy teaching.

What are you working on creatively right now?

Charlotte: I'm working on a long-form short story about a Florida camping trip that experiments with narrative structure (aka it's not a linear storyline) and I'm working on some shorter poems, trying to expand my language & give more brevity & vividness to description. Ideally, a novel is in my future, but not for a few years (or more).

Dohyun: I’m not going to lie this year hasn’t been very generative. Missing all of senior year was not lit. But I’m currently trying my hand at fiction! Specifically sci-fi that isn’t very scientific. The short story I’m currently working on is about finding a door on the cosmological horizon of our Local Group, kind of like the ending of The Truman Show.

What were some of your favorite moments or highlights from the last year working on Peach?

Charlotte: I loved meeting the Peach Mag staff. They're so supportive of your writing, period, no matter if it's published in Peach or a completely different magazine. This program took me out of my comfort zone, too—I hadn't organized any kind of reading before, online or in-person.

Dohyun: I’m really happy with everything we published this year, but I think my favorite was probably our first feature: “Whale Falls are the Hottest Restaurants of the Deep Sea.” Whale fall videos on YouTube are terrifying, but once you start watching you just can’t stop looking. The poem felt a little bit like that. The Peach Mag staff were incredible and always offered their support. It was also inspiring to see how much Peach hypes up their contributors, both when they are published in Peach Mag and in their endeavors afterwards. That’s the publishing practice I most want to remember from this experience.

What kind of role do you hope writing and writing communities will play in your future?