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Rebecca Teich is a writer, editor, and teacher based in New York City. A co-curator of the Fall 2018 and 2019 Segue Reading Series and Artists Space teaching-poet-in-residence 2019-2021, Teich's work has been featured in No, Dear Magazine,, Nightboat Resonances, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Baest Journal, and elsewhere. A co-founder of The Anchoress Syndicate, a queer poetry and performance collective, Teich’s first chapbook Caffeine Chronicles was published in 2021 by Portable Press @ YoYo Labs.

1 poem
by Rebecca Teich

Editor's note: We recommend reading this piece on desktop due to its unique formatting.

Friends & Lovers



as in, in, communing indebtedness                                                                     to redistribute

                                                                                                                                 the form


                              Rubric by which

                              a relation

                              is meaningful

                              w/o permanence


                                                possessed by

                                                full of



Repetition            imposes a certain kind of death


          Material / national grid                  how seconds feel when passing in a bounded space


Analogues fail me, at this moment.

Often is simply to say:

this story could be told otherwise.



                                                                                                                                 siphon form                                                                                                                                                             of relation ,



                                                                                                                                 to meld w yr political



touch & linger               I cannot                      lingering moment outside of memory


//         different way of infer the analogy imagined in translation of interactive narrative


Hold open possibility of response            —also, citation—                  —cut— —cruise—


            Gossip is my space of indeterminacy



Analogy which says not this is but what could be


[outside                                                                                          touch response


value]                                                                                              referential—has a desire not for but to

                                                                                                        be in relation

leave room for                                                 --             another


                wad     up obsession                       --             another



                                                       as prayer attention


                            positive boundary to form we are trying to find in order to talk about this




how much more wanting can happen









touch makes possible                   [what]                that sustenance [how]


               presence more keenly felt                       [make]


itself other could be                                  [could be]           move beyond critique                [to, how]


be regarded as moving [mattering]                        


              insistence on nonexpert status [unmastering]     sight                      [out, of]


the ways we publicly talk              [allowed to]                    speak                    [able]


speak                   [respond]            something was there                      [contact]


               of green               [else]                    boundaries of what                     [exceed]


otherwise            [otherwise]                                  illegibility                 [opacity]


               censored & commodified                [one fell]         remix terms        [formal]


we are not in conversation            [can, could]        

                                                          forms institutional thought           [carceral forms]


carceral forms   [of thought, touch]


                                                          asked a question          [assumptions of the question]

               response             [of there]                       misreading              [willful]


around                 [around]                             around             [around]


for not against   [origin of disobedience] no fall                  [accelerate]


                a certain kind of destruction uncomfortable                         [for whom]


or, an act of creation         [for the rain]                                                   emphatic             [itself]


rewind instinct  [snap]                   under duress                                                     [most palatable]


              legible   [much less]         destruction is not destruction        [for whom creation]










what voids what void

say these particular

say specific

say willing lyricism

say where wouldn’t they be found

say how’s that so hear

say presence

say plate

say ties across or

say touch at a distance

say mattering conversation from silence

say there was not so to make

say marriage grotesquerie

say out of arrangement

say arrangement

say necessarily impossibility when love

say repetition and exhaustion

say making out of exhaustion

say the politics of who or how we entangle

say get me out of there

say relation from

say communication possible

say in conversation

say point point point point

say when does a vocabulary become shared

say acknowledgments

say private prior

say not whim of audience shapes object

say invocation that is being

say both alone and with others

say keep remembering

say there for her friend

say loneliness

say alienation

say life making

say we are spoken for

say inherit

say mouthpain

say familial beyond mother

say collective genre shifting

say utterance

say claiming & all

say allegiance

say unallegiance

say goes on around and taking in

say explicit

say clear

say revolutionary voice

say invitation to form



keeping cannot the alone // edifice // imaginative interlocutor

diet constellations // as often //as conceived

utopian impulse // the remapping // reconstitutes the ordinary

everyday life // meaning // make disorder

layer & dialogue // & see // the hand arranging

letterwriting // conjuring opens // what if

presence // sufficiency // transit

I think of // you and you // are present

Sitting here we // socially arrange // or not

Scoops constitute // possible ways // out

Pieces // not intended // still I touch

Notation // made out of // devotion

Psychogeography // object not demotion // wander

Imaginary creates // a barrier // work around

Spreadable intimacy // + tractable // conductor cells

Also, deadly sentences // almost almost // flex spectrum

Fuel of nonsense // what’s // forfeited in unambiguity

Accreted space //one night stand // collective strangeness

Impossible correspondence // competing fantasies // who are you instrumentalist

Proximal object // into speech // leave a voicemail



Touch  of  taking  \


                                    \ social inference I hear you say hands spread out


Assimilate the garbage \


                                               \ Temporary upkeep of illusion—a parse-able life


Vantage point leaves wanting\


                                                        \ go beyond the decorative knowledge production


In naming, miss all other qualities  \


                                                                  \plant & manipulation, moments of disobedience


Want domination or perform domination  \


                                                                              \called into responsiveness


As if/we are/separate how/we talk/about ourselves \


                                                                                                  \tending can be disruption, un/welcome


Mapping tactility in floral beyond with metaphysical drama\


                                                                                                           \mutually cultivate visually land

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