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Scott W. Williams has a PhD from Lehigh University and is Full Professor Emeritus from the University of Buffalo (SUNY). He is a member of the Rochester Folk Art Guild where he was an ornamental blacksmith for 11 years, and practices the path of the Greek Armenian G. I. Gurdjieff. Among the places Scott has published poetry are The Sunday Review, Night and Day and Coffeehouse Writings From The Web.

2 poems by Scott Williams

The Magnificent Presents

Once there was a king whose daughter was beautiful
he loved her very deeply that he wished to have more
So he cut her into pieces, and each piece was stunning girl

Still he wished more and he cut the pieces into pieces and
they were all marvelous.
He loved them so that he cut pieces of the pieces into pieces
And loved each of the pieces of the pieces of the pieces so it
went on …

When he was all done, with love … he threw high all the
scattered remains into the air.
He threw them so very high that ... when they fell to earth,
rainbowed flowers bloomed at his feet.







I was invited to a wedding where all adults

were disturbed that a Black man was present

My face aches yet I smile.

With teeth clenched, I smile.

With lips sewn back, I smile.

Jaws ache, I smile.

Eyes sparkling and crinkled, I smile.

Smooth forehead, I smile.

Nostrils itch, I smile.

Boogers threaten, I smile.

Holding vomit, I smile.

I smile so my hatred is unseen.

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