Peach Seed Apprenticeship

for Emerging Editors

Season 3: Sage Enderton

Sage is a young queer poet from Buffalo, NY currently practicing wicca and learning how to properly steam milk. She has been published in literary anthologies such as My Next Heart (BlazeVOX, 2018) and Right Here, Right Now (Belt Publishing, 2017). Sage's work is concentrated in free form and experimental poetry, collage, and photography, and involves her identity as a witch and a woman. She is partial to a good pantoum.

Sage's Selections:

October: Ava Chapman

November: Eden Lowinger

December: Aidan Aragon

January: Barker Thompson

February: Liam Gilligan

March: Michael Pratts

April: Danny Merlino

May: Anusikha Halder

June: Harrison Hunt