Peach Seed Apprenticeship

for Emerging Editors

Season 4: Julia Beck


Julia's Selections:

September: Grace Harvey

October: Claire Shang

November: Elliott Bradley

December: Vans Bano

January: Uma Menon

February: Jude Ehmka

March: Nora Collins

April: Brianne Allen

May: Coco Goran

June: Akshata Kapoor

Julia, who is entering her senior year at Buffalo Seminary, was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She loves poetry, knitting, and doing the most. Her greatest weakness is not being able to say no, which has led her to be president of Buffalo Seminary's Model UN club, Donate Life club, and National Honor Society, as well as captain of her squash and sailing teams. Now she's a Peach Seed! She views poetry as creative catharsis, and is partial to a cheesy limerick. Julia’s most famous poem was a piece written in second grade titled “Heather’s into Leather,” which her mom shared with all of her friends, much to Julia’s dismay (and embarrassment).