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1 poem

by Trinity Chapa

Trinity Chapa is a poet, student of literature, and mystic currently living in Arkansas. Her work has previously been published by Careless, A VELVET GIANT, and 8 Poems Journal. She is currently working on a manuscript tentatively entitled conditions for the possibility of life. You can find her on Twitter @trinity_chapa and on Instagram @cherrycolouredpunk.

cheerleaders. garbage. you'll like it.

who is not a man?

I am not 

a handshake 

an egg

your mother

does she sing to you?

I said she 

she said she, my daughter 

she is a good girl

an ordinary woman


the feeling of a person

perfect as an egg

and unperturbed by 

the feeling of being a hole, oh 

fuck I take 

my persons of note

stitch my veil

my notable events

I get high and life distracts me 

by listening to opera music in the shower


when you ask of me to look at you

you’ve disturbed me and I 


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