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1 poem

by Zahra Khan

Zahra Khan is a 21 year-old student at Trinity College, Dublin. She has been published in The Moth Literary Magazine, Icarus, Epoque, and was recently named runner-up for the Erbacce Poetry Prize. She is currently working with them on a chapbook to be released by the end of the year. She mostly writes to stop herself from posting Instagram stories. Her work is often about love, childhood, or, when provoked, about race / ignorance.

Refuge Seekers

It’s rained like this before and

the snails would come crawling into

the estate. their homes now

Flooded, the risk of drowning    Compels 

them to risk exposing Themselves

to birds or the children crowded

around my wriggling estate  waiting

with bags of salt. 


It’s rained like this before and 

This home’s ceiling is caving 

there is only so much damp it can take

before its shell goes CRUNCH


The book doesn’t own its violence

          didn’t mean to give you the papercut

but creatures of soft skin make for good fun.

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