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1 poem

by Aja Moore

Aja Moore is in limbo. Her first book, hotwheel, came out this fall with Metatron Press. Her work has appeared in Minola Review, The Puritan, Sadmag, and Lemonhound.



It’s Discount nite at the sauna
Im rolling old skin and dirt off


my thighs, shins, shoulders,

chest, palms, cheeks, heels


arch & sink. It can take more than 500 years

to form two centimeters of healthy topsoil


I rub mine off

Men stare


We inhabit a crucial ecosystem



Plowing And Tilling Soil Is Like Bulldozing

A Human City: if you think of the planet


as one giant emergent super-organism

then soil is akin to the “skin” of the earth


I love that analogy but it fails

to account for the conversion


of skin into “luxury” item

Skin as most extractable


resource. Skin as landscape

replenishing itself with less


and less success

To preserve its


softness always

flay the snake


a live

I force myself


to molt I drag my nails thru the slick of me and collect

In America there were Monuments everywhere. I watched the sun play at their feet


I watched it go down too I just didnt get pics

Just trust me on this one


Oxygen is the ‘ash’

that spools from stars


All the water on earth

just fell from the sky


I live on the coast so I get to touch it

anytime I want to. On the shore I thought did it hurt


when you fell from heaven and

I treat you like this. The harbour


is frothing

My feet up on her


wet hearth. I reach for my charm

Wrap each finger around it petting


those perfect keys. The “average person” touches their phone

2,600 times a day. I don’t think I could touch another person


that much if I had my whole life

Although lately I am making attempts


to attend to my body the way I would attend to

a screen


It only takes four minutes

for a person’s vital signs to mimic another’s


provided they are “really” in love

Over two thirds of people report feeling


“phantom vibrations” from their inactive mobile devices

To be fair on the West Coast we’re expecting


“the big one” any second now although apparently

it is not the movement of the earth but the collapse


of man-made structures on its surface

that causes the most fatalities


My phone died while I was trying to take

pictures of wet spider webs this morning


The universe can be so direct sometimes

Fine I'll keep my awe to myself


They still have pennies in America

I sat by the Hudson and thought about breaking


a dollar into a hundred pieces. Wealth increases

visually. Earth reduced to a vault & me still pining


for a patch of dirt to practice growing in

I take the scenic route and crave


omniscience. Fruit

ripens on the ledge—


Something godly happens

when care lapses


into surveillance  

Unlike animals


plants can’t migrate when they are threatened

The mice in the experiments reach a tipping point


and instinctual behaviour is lost

Unlike animals plants can’t party


when they are threatened
In New York I had a bad dream


about remaining gentle

It was a relief to continue


My phone gets filthy

The holes fill up with dirt and I finally get to suck it out

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