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At the end of our first four seasons, we got back in touch with a selection of contributors to see what they'd been working on in the time since their Peach Mag publication. Our Yearbook series published these original features alongside the new work as portraits of the artists then and now. We were inspired by the feeling of opening a yearbook in June, flipping to the photo that was taken in September, and thinking, "This doesn't look anything like me anymore."


We retired the series after Season 4 when we launched Peach Mixes. Learn about our freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior Yearbooks below, where you can also download their PDFs for free.

Season 1

ft. Alana Kelley, Andrew Duncan Worthington, Angie Sijun Lou, Ash Strange, Bree Jo’ann, Caroline Rayner, Catch Business, Francesca Kritikos, Frankie Barnet, Greg Zorko, Hannah Nathanson, Jakob Maier, Jamie Mortara, Joe Hall, Kevin Thurston, Leah Clancy, Lydia Hounat, Marisha Gene Hicks, Mary Boo Anderson, Natalia Hero, Noah Falck, Pat Kewley, RE Katz, Rose Zinnia, Robin Lee Jordan, Ruby Anderson, Ryann Slauson, Sage Enderton, Sarah Jean Alexander, Sebastian Castillo, Shayna Kiblin, Terry Abrahams, + Woogee Bae.

Download the free PDF.

Season 2

ft. Aeon Ginsberg, Bella Bravo, Bob Raymonda, C. C. Camuglia, Dan McKeon, Edward Mullany, Emily Corwin, Emma Ensley, Erika Walsh, Eve Williams, Hannah Rego, Janet McNally, Jay Ritchie, Joel Brenden, Jonathan Aprea, Julie Molloy, Kelly Xio, Kevin Bertolero, Kimmy Walters, Linnea Brett, Liz Bowen, Marina Blitshteyn, Mathias Svalina, Meghann Boltz, Oscar d’Artois, P.E. Garcia, Quinn Flom, Sara Mae, Sasha Debevec-McKenney, + Sennah Yee.

Download the free PDF.

Season 3

ft. Aeon Ginsberg, Alexa Locksley, Alina Pleskova, Ally Young, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Ashley Obscura, Ava Hofmann, Ava Wolf, Colette Arrand, Danny Merlino, Eden Lowinger, Fargo Tbakhi, Ivanna Baranova, JoAnna Novak, Julianne Neely, Kina Viola, Melissa Leigh Gore, Mickey Harmon, Patricia Thomasson, Rachael Lee Nelson, Rax King, Sara Bess, Sarah Jane Barry, Sophie Hustwick, Spencer Williams, Taylor Yocom, Trinity Ridout, Yumi Dineen Shiroma, Zefyr Lisowski, + Zinnia Smith.

Download the free PDF.

Season 4

ft. Alexis Aceves Garcia, Alicia Mireles Christoff, Annette Covrigaru, Cassie Elsaesser, David Esquivel, Elizabeth Hall, Grace Davis, J. Bailey Hutchinson, jamie hood, Hazel Avery, Jude Ehmka, Julia Beck, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Lara Longo, Marcela Huerta, Meher Manda, MLA Chernoff, Nate Vaccaro, Nolan Allan, Nora Collins, Robin Zlotnick, Rosie Long Decter, Sarah Liddell, Sarah Sgro, Sofia Banzhaf, Tess Liem, + Zach Blackwood.

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