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Submissions are currently closed. Please adhere to the following guidelines during our next reading period.

Send all submissions to Choose from the following for the subject line of your email: POETRY, FICTION, ESSAY, or VISUAL ART. If you are between the ages of 12 and 18, include SEEDS in the subject line (e.g., SEEDS: POETRY). Instead of a cover letter, include the following criteria in your email body:

  1. Case-sensitive name under which you publish

  2. Your pronouns

  3. A brief, third-person bio

  4. Case-sensitive titles of your piece(s)

  5. Specific genre of your submission if it differs from your subject line (e.g., visual poems, paintings, etc.)

  6. Any content warnings

  7. Twitter and/or Instagram usernames

Include your submission as an attachment. We prefer Word .docx for writing and .jpg for visual art, though PDFs are fine for unconventionally formatted written work. If you submit to more than one genre, send more than one email, but do not send more than one submission per genre per open reading period. For poetry, include 1-3 poems in a single document with each poem beginning on a new page, totaling no more than 10 pages; fiction and essay, maximum of 3000 words; flash fiction and creative nonfiction, include 1-3 pieces in a single document with each piece beginning on a new page, totaling no more than 3000 words; visual art, maximum of 8 images, formatted to 1500 px along the long edge and 72 ppi.

We prefer work that is previously unpublished, both in print and online, though we will also consider work that has been withdrawn from its original publication or if its original venue (online only) has gone defunct. We consider simultaneous submissions, but let us know immediately as a reply to your original email if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Submissions are free—always will be. At this time, we cannot pay contributors. All published work remains the intellectual property of the artist. By submitting to us, you grant us first electronic rights and nonexclusive archival rights to publish your work. Rights revert to you upon publication. While not mandatory, we'd be grateful if you credited us if you choose to publish your work again. 


We receive hundreds of submissions during open reading periods but normally only have about 20 spots available for publication. For this reason, we often have to turn away good work. If your submission wasn’t accepted, please consider submitting again during a future open reading period.


If you have been previously published by us, please wait until the next season (annual, beginning every August) before submitting again. Though it does happen on occasion, please be aware that we rarely publish previous contributors and prefer instead to make space for new voices.

Expect us to get back to you within three months of closing submissions. If you don't hear from us by then, please inquire at

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