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Journal: Submissions to our online journal are closed indefinitely.

Indie Lit Interviews: We are currently open to pitches for our Indie Lit interview series, which spotlights the creative, experimental, often brief, often shoestring, and always underreported-upon projects in independent literary publishing. Send pitches to peachmgzn[at]gmail[dot]com, including some information about yourself, the person/people you'd like to interview, ideas on topics you'd like to discuss, and any relevant links. Please note that while the conversation may veer into discussion of personal work (e.g., a new book out by one of the editors), the main focus of the conversation must be on the publishing project (e.g., the small press, journal, reading series, etc. that they work on). Expect us to get back to you within two weeks; if you don't hear from us by then, consider it a pass.



Mixes: Later this spring we will open for proposals for new Peach Mixes. Submission materials will include: a one-word adjective that captures your theme; a list of ten publications from the Peach Mag archive that relate to your theme, which you might imagine as a preliminary table of contents; and a 250-word description of your theme, including how at least three of your selected publications relate to it, which you might imagine as a preliminary editor's note. Please note that the opportunity to guest-edit Mixes is only open to previous Peach Mag contributors.

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