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1 poem

by Alyssa Ciamp

Alyssa Ciamp is a scientist, writer, gamer, skater, and cat mom. She's currently recovering from capitalism-induced depression by writing poems on the clock at work. Her writing has been featured in tenderness lit, Occulum, Riggwelter Press, and others. Find her on twitter @ClinicallyChill and on instagram @a.ciamp. More of her work can be found at

Piss Geologist

a drop

in a sieve

that I piss into

until I pass a stone


one year ago I’d tweet about this

incessantly—with a sense of shamelessness

too raw for reality, for linear time

maybe now I’m too burnt out


maybe I just used to scream

until someone else would put

their mouth on mine

and I’d shut up for a while


I’d talk or tweet or text

until those words created a barrier—

their want so separate from my want

that I was never sure if we

really wanted each other at all


with time the barrier breaks and suddenly

I’m a person in pieces

accepting that my aimless want built a

brand I can’t see myself in anymore


I tweeted about this poem so

I guess I have to finish it


I’m unfollowing people

who aren’t as online as me

which feels like

a really bad way to log off

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