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Amy Saul-Zerby (she/her) is the author of Paper Flowers Imaginary Birds (Be About It Press 2017) and Deep Camouflage (Civil Coping Mechanisms 2018). Her poems have also appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Spy Kids Review, Mad House, and Bedfellows Magazine. She is editor in chief of Voicemail Poems and a contributing writer at Fields Magazine and The Rumpus.

2 poems

by Amy Saul-Zerby

if today we were perfect


the best versions

of ourselves,


still there would be

a kind

of collapsing


a photograph bent in

on itself

could be enough


as our toes creeping

toward the sun

like rosebuds


not looking forward

to wilting

but we will


i want to tell you:

we could

have climbed mountains


in your chest i found


and kept digging


i’m sorry i couldn’t

tell you why


i wanted you to know

without knowing


this is not a game

but i’d keep playing

if you would


go gentle if you want to


i’ve forgotten

my name but


music in my mouth,

as usual


we shouldn’t let poets

lie to us,

but we will.


i’m not saying hope

is good. we’re not


pretending we have

a choice, just that


we haven’t


made one.

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