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1 poem
by Andy Powell

Andy Powell works as a school coordinator & teaching artist for DreamYard. His chapbook My Heart Is a Public Park is forthcoming in a chapbook hug with Mark Cugini’s chapbook from Big Lucks. He co-founded DreamYard’s Rad(ical) Poetry Consortium with Ellen Hagan.

Mom slides off the chairlift

and into the alpine, whispers heaven.

In the lodge she asks why I haven’t won yet.


Won what I don’t know. This hot chocolate

& good tired is lovely. Maybe something


to do with wanting to confirm

a place in Society & something to do


with wanting to be secure & fears of being knocked

back to charmander from charizard,


or back to baby bowser first boss, 

at all stages of trying to move up in this country,


country of levels & King Boos, Shadow Queens,

upwardly mobile core, goods


for service, 30 year

fixed & its high cliffs, precarity


making us all feel fragile even when

we are made of gold. I try not to fight you


when you say the capitalist things

because I love you but because I love you


I will keep flustering & reminding you

I’ll intentionally miss the secret jump


off Rainbow Road to make sure I don’t end up

in a single spot on some lonely top. 

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