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Ash Strange is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Rochester, NY, but currently based in Philadelphia, Pa. Their work has been featured in Spy Kids Review, Alien Mouth, and Be About It Press’ zine series and last year published the multimedia web project the earth hurts so much now through glo worm press. They can be found on twitter probably talking about astrology @tenderboy420.

2 poems by Ash Strange

the softness


of a february morning
a moon is totally dusted with fog
a street lamp perfectly orange like a
after you peel it, but
I wouldn't know what to say or where
to go
kiss between shoulder
it will always be red to sprout



boy things


most sweet in the distant
shoots of my own body
something warm was my

no chill heart some hills
and delicate noise
delicate nose touches mine
sweet eyes and purple syllables
wildly caressing the wind

you sounded smaller
I cut the light
filling it with body
fumbling knees tangled shadows
delight in the becoming

crushed to pieces the earth could feel it
time crashes into things
a fake cliff to fall off of
remember the red dirt
that’s me

simple timing, nestled tissue,
emboldened features
and light there is often
kindness in pain

can you know beautiful passion
without a field
of red words
without an exponential hurt
without a garden of shame

goldenrods quickly
drowned the hills
in the softest yellow

limbs exist and fill spaces
the occupation is overwhelming
forms don’t want to be defined

just felt
the sky is manically pink
thoughtlessly the trees are swaying in the
wind wet with rain
hate whispers with precision
cross street and quicken

shift the weight of a body to the night
of possible deaths

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