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2 poems

by Ashley Obscura

Ashley Obscura is a Canadian-Mexican writer, publisher and editor. She is the author of the poetry collections Ambient Technology (2018) and I Am Here (2014) and many digital poetry projects, including Museum of Symmetry (National Film Board of Canada). In 2019 Cosmica Cosita, a Spanish translation of Ambient Technology, will be published by Caleta Olivia in Argentina. Obscura has been anthologized as one of Canada’s 30 Under 30 poets (With/Words Press, 2017) and her poetry has been anthologized in the United States and been translated and published in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Romania. The founder and managing editor of Metatron Press, Obscura currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Solar Atmosphere



When people ask me how I ‘did it’ I reply

“I am” a lunar atmosphere?...

I’ve always loved the sun,

but I am nocturnal.

In Libra season everything became

extraordinary. We were exhausted and

enchanted. Tired of playing the role of Eternal

Muse. Heavenly-Diabolical Sorceress.

There were ways in which desire was

staged. Sexuality performed. Power

abused, it was no surprise.

But somewhere between the sensual

and grotesque, we were romantic and

hopeful. We moved into the “palace

of the real” where we felt opulent

in our soft flesh. Raw and cut open like

filet. Folding over each others lips. Brown

lipstick, purple mascara, blue glitter. We felt seen.

Were we heard? Resonating in the corridor

of the solar atmosphere.

From Ambient Technology



I want to build a world

Where we can love freely


Without fear of what we may lose

My heart hurts today because it hurts


People who love us may hurt us

But don’t you want to grow and try again


Don’t you

Don’t you want to build a new world


I want you to

One gesture at a time


Build us a safer world

Even if love is a battlefield


Even if we’re not yet

The people we have dreamed

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