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1 poem

by Brittany Weeks

Brittany Weeks writes poetry and short stories in NYC. Her other writing has been published by Breadcrumbs, X-R-A-Y, LuNaMoPoLiS, and Best Buds. You can find her on Instagram and on Twitter as @britweeksy.


After I do yoga I think

I am brand new!

I have big feet and I have

muscles and

bones and nails and


when I wake

up before you I

roll over and bring

my foot to your chest and

imagine you awake saying

woah! I guess this is the

real you!


the week I moved in

with you I was looking

at the sky

a lot to see Saturn

…if I’m gonna change I should

do it quick!

When we first met you

lied to me

about a few things

to make me like you

but that

is not a big deal

I want to go


in Arizona lets

learn how to make our

own kimchi

we have the same dirt

under our

nails and the same

smoke in our

lungs the

week I moved in I

told you that my

highlights are fake and I can’t really


I guess I just figured

you’d find out


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