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Cassie Rose is an artist based in Buffalo, NY. Rose has spent nearly eight years exploring her artistic craft including time spent in materials exploration at School of Visual Arts in New York City. Beyond the visual arts, Rose works in costume departments for film and theatre. Her focus remains on exploring human experience through the manipulation of different materials. Find her @cassie_rose____.

Note from the artist: "My work revolves around ideas of identity in an age of fabricated personas. We continually normalize the curated versions of ourselves we present digitally as reality. I view the faces in these paintings as self-portraits, but only in the fact that they are anyone, and everyone, simultaneously. By abstracting faces to their simplest form I am reminded that in basic ways we all share similar experiences. In this recent body of work I have reinforced notions of shared experience by reducing my palette to muted pigments and minimizing depth by forcing three-dimensional forms into flat planes. By recognizing the things we share we can find meaning in our honest existence, flawed or not."

5 self-portraits

by Cassie Rose


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