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catch business is the author of able to / always will (ccm 2016) and founding poetry editor of witch craft magazine. @catchbusiness 

3 Poems by catch business

summer is something you hold onto

i used to consider spitting into your palms
letting you and only you press
your face in my face while i was crying
tobacco is the smell of your bedroom
when i am or am not inside of it
worried about the progress of boxes
squares and windows that chase me
or the back of my head in your night
rolling over and hearing a palm tense
into the center of something undone
coming apart between my fingers
stretched out across our mountain
needing affection a stone
i used to consider spitting into your palms
the smooth surface of what i can throw


what you don’t do someone else does

i realize you
attracted to me
attracted to
the idea of you
starting a stove
my morning
come again
come quickly
people kiss me
thru mirrors
i wrap a scarf
around a face
it feels like
a new town
light off
men afraid
making mistakes
privately taking
a selfie
my newest
lounging loud
typos staring
you’re ready to
share what
i can’t hold on
i change
make a first
we lean in
close cherishing
details of sweat


recently played

read a succession of yeses
in a facebook thread
feel positive about your life
the love you’ve been given
love taken and love you’ve lied to
yourself before means nothing
as much to you as you if you
really think about it
errors are just erasures of what
you want so try harder to be what
you thought you were undo what
you’ve undone try harder
it gets easier if you let it
if you give in if you listen
to songs that break your heart
and let it break

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