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Charles Theonia is a poet from Brooklyn, where they are working to externalize their interior femme landscape. They are the author of Which One Is the Bridge (Topside Press, 2015) and Saw Palmettos, an artist book from Container (summer 2018). They co-edit Femmescapes, a magazine of queer and trans affinities with femmeness. Find them at

1 poem

by Charles Theonia




you smell like a place

i want to be




we lie so still

and close

our skin grows

over us




you are good

will you be good?

thinking about

how good you were




i lick you around

the plum pit

in my mouth




it feels so sweet to measure

you for the harness your boyfriend

will make and to think you have

a quantifiable body

i can fit my hand inside




the thrill when you pull me

away from a man

i hadn’t seen glaring

veering towards us

and into a secret alley

where it’s just you

and me and what

we do for each other




what’s good

is knowing you’re here

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