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Charlie Brogan

Charlie Brogan (she/her) is a writer living in London, UK. She is the co-founder and editor of The Rally magazine and has had poems published in Aurelia, ASH, and Dear Damsels.


For a while, I enjoyed being a chihuahua with pink paw nails

and a plastic collar


I loved being carried in a leather handbag

on the shoulder of some wicked beauty, I really did


one time I had a waitress poke her tongue out whilst carrying me—

a plate of green jelly—to a kid's party table, I was terrified


one time I was a rabbit fetus in the womb of a floppy bunny crossing the road


one time I took the form of a human girl and cried to my boyfriend

about the coin of blood on the sheets


one time I was the yellow horn of a daffodil and broke off in a gentle breeze

landing vulnerable and silly in Asda’s carpark


I’m allowed to change my mind


I think now I’d like to wear open shirts, spurs, and a crisp white stetson I could frisbee

into the hot desert, take down a vulture like a feather balloon


I want to kick down some barn door with my hind legs and let all

the other animals flee into the long grass


I want to sit with my legs spread on a porch and spit into a bucket

have everyone listen to a list of leather studded tales


maybe I’ll run everyone that’s ever crossed me down in a tank then


light a cigar and press the smoke into her mouth, kiss her soft neck.

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