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1 poem

by Chet Weise

Chet Weise’s poems, stories, and essays have appeared in publications such as Constant Stranger: After Frank StanfordCopper NickelThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Poetry. A musician, too, he has recorded and toured worldwide with almost-famous groups The Quadrajets and Immortal Lee County Killers. Weise lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is the editor at Third Man Books.

Bass Pro Shop

i have a friend who used grindr

for a hot bathroom hookup at the bass pro shop

in the opry mills mall, nashville, miracles can happen

also at the pyramid on the mississippi river in memphis

the dead played on april fools’ day 1995

it’s a bass pro shop now too

sometimes i wonder so much about space

and what the moon would say of us

i think that the moon would say

i was born before the internet

i walked a winter with deer blood on my face

ticks in my shoes and the only space

between us is the older we grow

how many more wishes have passed

away like friends on holidays

the new york city ballet dancers, the president, remember

the day you realized it was too late to be an astronaut

we probably weren’t smart enough anyhow

sometimes i feel pain so much 

i can’t hear anymore, no one can

think of an emoji for that

or why beautiful things might cause hurt

or be hurt sometimes i need

music i don’t have

to listen to so hard

for a warm star, a body in the darkness

there exists no algorithm for pain

except i know elvis's mother made him sing

to his dead twin every night

she would point to the moon and say “that’s him”

i will try to never abuse the night

the moon needs no more poems.

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