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1 poem

by Cole Nowicki

Cole Nowicki is a writer, producer, and generally well-mannered person. He was a writer for the Viceland television series Post Radical and has work in places like Maisonneuve, The Walrus, The Outline, Vice, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and more. He also produces and hosts fine., an evening of storytelling and otherwise, in Vancouver, BC.

the old burying ground (★★★★★)

1752 is the date on the oldest stone

in Halifax’s first graveyard

now a national historic site

full of centuries worth of bones


notable remains:

the Loyalist Edward Winslow

New Brunswick Supreme Court judge

and descendant of Mayflower Pilgrim Edward Winslow


Major General Robert Ross

who burnt down the White House

in 1812


the Bulkeley monument of 1796

has carved into its respective end panels

Adam and Eve in the garden

and the Last Judgement Day


while looking up the burying ground online

I leave a Google review


photo of skeleton in a grave

“cold, cramped, dark, and I’ve been waiting for service for what feels like an eternity”

it gets six likes.

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