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1 poem
by Dana Venerable

Dana Venerable (she, her, hers) is a writer, educator, co-editor of P-QUEUE journal, and a SUNY-UB English PhD candidate living between Buffalo, NY and the Jersey Shore. Her research addresses methods of the archive through compositions and intersections of Black performance, dance, notation, social choreography, and sound. Dana has performed within artist collectives at UB Arts Collaboratory, PLAY/GROUND and UB’s MFA Dance Concert, and is a teaching artist and volunteer at Just Buffalo Literary Center. She recently won the 2021 Academy of American Poets Prize at UB. Dana has written for RigorousSnail Trail Press, P-QUEUE, The Journal of American Drama and TheatreVIDA Review, and Zoomoozophone Review.

Playlist Poem—Gone

One can possess goneness

Senses owning states of missing being missed

Going gone


A lie is a moment where language goes missing

It collects bodily dust

Falls into creaky crevices

I fear it misses


riding uncertainty, there’s a pilotless plane

But can it sail

It can sail, it can go on

sale it can

join a world without being explorer without discovering


I hear kisses tasting memories

Of people who turn bells upside down and drink tea out of them

This planet of gone


— — — — — — —

“Got ‘Til It’s Gone”—Janet Jackson, Q-Tip, Joni Mitchell


“Orinoco Flow”—Enya

“Strawberry Letter 23”—The Brothers Johnson

“Since I Left You”—The Avalanches

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