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Dior J. Stephens is a pure pisces and even prouder poet. He is the author of SCREAMS & lavender, 001, and CANNON!, all with Ghost City Press. He tweets at @dolphinneptune and Instagrams at @dolphinphotos.

2 poems
by Dior J. Stephens


asking all masks of capital and colonial be removed

before we come to the lord my lord our lord none of it

matters inshallah say 52 hail mary’s for your ancestors lost

in uncharted, unfriendly waters, throw your back out in prayer

for they see you as your blood inshallah sing hymnals at the feet of mules, tell them change is the latest alternative milk trend—s o a k  t h a t  s h i t  r i g h t  u p inshallah praise be and benedict your altered gaze, reconstructed eyes & fickle tongue inshallah honor your blessings for a fortnight and wash your hair in red clay inshallah try to wash all the masks off of you now inshallah still your whitest parts into a bowl — fingernails, teeth, eye-whites; combine with chicken wishbone, broken, a hefty serving of onyx fragments & one marvin gaye record, also broken inshallah ask that whiteness to reevaluate & see thy onyx, thou heartiest and solemnest of stones inshallah ask, why be anything less? sing to mama lucy unearthed — say inshallah grandmother;  i long for your essence of black purity in all that i am,,,


feather michael sat down on my

shoulder as 826 fireworks

popped for floyd five weeks in a

row — michael sat on shoulder as

trumpets trumpeted up the sonic

river — crying & bellowing — i

who am nothing — nothing, who

am i — show me the way to the

proper p’s — prosperity peace

plenty — michael floats ‘round

cranium in — blue blue light —

says — i must learn to follow

before i can lead — & there in the

5252 cerulean — i flew to the

apex mountain of one race

consciousness — uncertain in my

feathers — wings clipped long

ago — still slaying one then two

— floating upstream in western


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