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Eleanor Rose King Merton is an editor and poet living in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Her work appears in MimicryStarlingSport and Turbine | Kapohau.

1 poem

by Eleanor Rose King Merton

diary couplets (one)


write like an onlooker

entering the heart of a warm room


emerging after a nap like the moths in the wardrobe

dropping cocoons all over the floor 


from below i am two points

of heat on the ground and hips


under blankets curled up – in the sun

unshowered or flossing in public


talking too loud on the bus with a friend

get new batteries


for vibrator take responsibility

for own happiness


stop trying to out-do

the people you went to high school with



i really believe i will 

cry tomorrow


from my balcony – just falling down 

for a long time


the headlines say i’m young!

i can make my own morals!


we have a meeting about global warming

at work, everyone gets depressed


get a tiny nook

and protect it for myself


take me off edge and sit me down with a blanket

what should we have for dinner next year?


other people’s problems are our problems

i believe that and it’s a problem



sitting in assembly is maybe not the best place

to find out how much we’re all falling apart


like laying a jellyfish over your face

fractured and numbing because of the toxins


spend the rest of the flight

slowly sobering up


we’re all grateful, didn’t

expect it to fall out of the sky


i think it’s really hot

when you pick me up – in the heterosexual tradition


i know that poetry is just

about how deliberate you are


hope you like 

me touching your chest all the time

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