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1 poem

by Emilie Lafleur

Emilie Lafleur is a writer living in Montreal. Her work has been published in The Void, Soliloquies Anthology, and Metatron’s Ömëgä. Find her @emalafleur.

Easy Commerce

Look at me, recovering from some

twinhood. Drawing a blue line far

around my eye on the way out.

Going to parc du portentous and

opening an incognito tab to look

up a word I don’t know so no one

will know. The blue line can

stretch forever or break everywhere,

but I don’t care, too convinced I

want to “get back into the essay”.

Call it death of the desirer or

wallower, or longer, longer,

not the direction it’s within

my ability to grow. Death as in

death or longer than that. Look at

me, recovering from some ideal


job. For $200 I’ll end it.

Buying chairs and chairs and


chairs so you have to stay but


there are options now. The easy

commerce, too many kinds of

loose powder at the good pharmacy

and none at the other. This is all

part of a series, I’ll call it mania

works because they are and because it

does. Look at me, recovering from

some cruelty, appropriately my own.

Look at me, a line of sandalwood

on my way out. Call it stalking a

mediocre life. Mania works, of

course it does, I’m sure I really do

want to “get back into the theory”.

Whichever. Recovering from some

easy commerce by buying more

chairs. And so the options multiply.

And so it’s all easy theft. And so this

is not how it’s going to go. It’s going

to go outside or not at all. And so come

to the park or the bridge while I am

somewhere else, while I break the

blue line, and sit where I like.

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