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1 poem
Emily Bark Brown

Emily Bark Brown is a poet from Alabama. They received degrees from Wesleyan University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Along with Zoe Tuck, they co-edit Hot Pink Magazine, a poetry venture, at


he would like to thank actual clouds

in the gym the ad for bipolar medication had delicate bisexual lighting

between the lesbians and the bisexuals everyone is in the right and there is fighting

look brothers! look brothers!

we have captured a beast in a glass and it tastes soooooo good!

the ease with which the language comes is but a distraction from whence it came

the podcast about cults tackles Disney Adults, refuses to take a side, admits to owning the ears, critiques capitalism, and at some length compliments the food

do i look sexy? no

in the rooms the women cum n go

instead of a cloud there is a sky of dirt – no answer – unanswering clod 

for best picture the winner goes to this selfie i took four years ago

self is as self does and self follows what self allows and what self allows

two youths crouched in the image of me in a meadow

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