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Eric Amling ​is the author of From the Author’s Private Collection (Birds, LLC, 2015) and editor of the small press, After Hours Ltd.

3 poems by Eric Amling

from Rare and Special Interests





It's hard to explain

My ghost writing

When I remained

An insular entity

I came out of the dust

Looking like this

So I don't know

What's your story

I've some Jägermeister

A simple socialie

In a den of terracotta

If I sample all night your powders

And supply low-grade bios

To the bi-curious

I'd fail

To be the true adulterer I am

A lot of people say

Time will no longer tell

But public opinion is weird

True vice

Is understood without speaking

Do I have regrets

Other than creating this portal

To a persistent moral scourge

The waterbed

As an idea

Never appealed to me

Can I massage your shoulders

While you enter your card number

Into a cursory field

Can I concede to a list of demands

Like wax

To vigorous treatment

I find myself in parks

At lunches

Fatalistic thresholds

Kissing foreheads

For fear of being

A crass totem

In the service of American Art

I push every kitten away

I couldn't be trusted

Nothing personal

Glob of mercury

Molten spot of earth

The Nordstrom

The Bloomingdale

The placid pond

With many bodies

Baja rain shadows

In twin vapor

I'm in a grotto

Of self-worth

I'd like to thank

My friends

And editors

For my strident success

With humility

In the cloud-splattered orbit

Nothing is better

Nothing more personal

Than tranquil


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