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Erika's work has been featured or is forthcoming in Hotel Amerika, Juked, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, The Birds We Piled Loosely, and elsewhere. She is co-founder and editor of A VELVET GIANT, an online genreless literary journal (coming soon!). She lives in Buffalo, NY with her pet cat, Willa.

1 poem 

by Erika Walsh

Lana del rey asks for space


Will I feel good if I move to Venus

Do they listen to satellites do they get high

Do we have a connection do they love me


Will I care if they love me will I like that

Will I like being touched on the cheek

Will they send me a rose will I cringe


Do they know what I mean by heroin

Do they think I mean woman and power


Do I make anybody feel strong


Will I get to be alone up there

Will there be champagne can I wear a crop top

Will I get drunk and float like a comet


Can anyone see my pores shrinking

Do my teeth grind when I am asleep


Should I have sex in a hot tub this weekend

Should I have sex on the roof of this building

Should sex make me feel like I’m something


Do these people own me is that cruel


Do they know what I mean by I’m sick

Do they think I mean flu that will heal soon


Will they take my picture in the moon sand

Will they ask me to frown like a child

Will they touch my brown hair will I like that


Will I press my ear into a crater

Will somebody tell me a joke


Do babies feel insulted do they get it

Do they like being held do they want that

Are they just being hungry and patient


Does the universe want me to fear it

Will this black hole come take me inside it

Will it come for me still if I want it

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