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Erin Taylor is a Tulsa based poet who is always somewhere else. She has a chapbook of poems OOOO (Bottlecap Press 2016). More of her work can be found on the web at & she tweets @erinisaway.

2 Poems by Erin Taylor


i am most myself
            when i am doubletexting

            when i am misspelling “please” drunkenly
            when i am craving a hand on my inner thigh
            the second the airplane takes off
            at a little organic farm in the middle of the country

            the last place i made love to you

            the first place i made love to you
            in a crowd of bodies, sweltering
            wondering when you will come over & talk to me

            waving goodbye to people at airports
            having troubles breathing in your bed
            flirting with strangers
            at two in the afternoon naked in my room alone

                        losing myself.


formal emails

i could tell you were nervous because you

            mistyped “am” like i am trying to tell you

            that there are parts of me buried deep
            in other people’s memories that i cannot

            get back, but i still want to share with you

            so they’re going to sound like a jumbled up

            rambled sentence floating in & out of your

            ears that all sum up how talking to you

            was the first time i legitimately smiled
            in two weeks.

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