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1 poem

by Faye Chevalier

Faye Chevalier is a Philadelphia-based poet and essayist. She is the author of the chapbook future.txt (Empty Set Press 2018) and her work has been featured in The Wanderer, Peach Mag, Witch Craft Magazine, the tiny, and elsewhere. Some of her awards and recognitions include being the first poet ever to have work published in a cyberpunk tabletop rpg podcast (Neoscum 2018) and a Pushcart nomination. Find her on Twitter where she cries about cyborgs, vampires, and having a body at @bratcore.

This poem was longlisted for the 2019 Peach Gold in Poetry with guest judge Dorothea Lasky.

the moon won't save you


after "Psychotherapy" by sam sax

“the cozy afterglow of a séance          gone terribly



          wrong”-ness of a          body, 

the peeling of my skin          as a solid figurine

          ; i write a poem,



call it “there is literally no difference between



          my body &          tinder[dot]com,”



have the character of          care



          bespeak a          withering, a molding



of crass kisses,          & favored hurt to help



          myself heal,



& yet again i          fail to capture-capture



          desire syllabically;



such a travesty, proxy-bespeaking          in



          even sets;



that one shade of “symmetry          will not save






” that so belights          you 



when you refuse to meet my



          gaze-or-look tho



“i refuse my          curation too



          , so...” & “pleasure will not save



me” are probs          my favorite sorts of



          bloods to have          ; so live too dark now, all



fake          noise now,



          the moon will          not



save me the rain will not



          save me,          save



a thin shill          of skin-silt,



          for what i lock          up or



down does not          live long enough to



          be the prophetic          thin thing



Sax holds as          worth              



          praising,          worth



phrasing          still

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