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1 poem

by Fee Griffin

Fee Griffin is the winner of the inaugural Amsterdam Open Book Prize and a senior poetry editor at The Lincoln Review. Her debut collection For Work/For TV was published in December 2020 by Versal Editions. Fee has recent writing published/forthcoming in Poetry London, Hotel, bath magg, SAND, Streetcake, and more. She works part-time as an associate lecturer and part-time as a cleaner.

Call for Help

After lying down amongst the string and rubber stamps

or whatever is to hand

and sleeping the cool long line between Fridays

I remembered there’s a phone number you can call

to hear a glacier melting in real time

from anywhere in the world

which by coincidence

is where I was at the time.

I tried to call the melting glacier but

found that the glacier had been disconnected in 2008

and my doctor’s engaged tone was dripping

endlessly that half hour into

Jökulsárlón lagoon.