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Fred Whitehead is a Buffalo area poet who has had a blog at since 2010. He is the author of 7 volumes of poetry. His latest, titled Luna, came out in March of 2016. He is also the host of Dog Ears 4th Friday Poetry Series at Dog Ears Bookstore & Cafe. In his spare time he publishes limited run chapbooks through his Destitute Press.

2 poems by Fred Whitehead


long before
any thought was given
to composing my own requiem

the one that would eventually
end up 
written on backs of Polaroids 
& meant
to be played on instruments
left in corners 
for no other reason
than circumstance

before all that
there were 
summer mornings 
that shone as crystal

gifts metaphysical
sweetly concealing 
the concept of time

teaching me
proper construction of a dream
using one fascination at a time

a basket woven
just the right size

to carry me away



I pick up a jar labeled Future

I pick up a jar labeled Future
       and give it a shake
as a child would
           any gift
           he thinks
is that
one thing
              wished for

scarcity of self hangs by the door
by the door
          not much good 
          against the rain
I shake the jar

then I use it
to keep my heavily edited itinerary from blowing away in the storm

I'll fill in spaces later 
when I'm not 
so tired
when light is better
when the wind stops
abusing the shutters

I'll correct my corrections
I'll shoulder my pack

I'll leave the door

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