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1 poem

by Fullamusu Bangura

Fullamusu Bangura is a 2nd year English graduate student at Northwestern University, currently studying queer afro-diasporic water spirits. Her work has been published in Memoir Mixtapes and TRACK//FOUR (forthcoming).  She is originally from Washington, D.C. and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Catch her on Instagram singing to her cat Taraji or thirst-tweeting Marc Lamont Hill at @killamusu. 

i’m so tired of almost crying on the train



the thing no one tells you                  about crying on public transportation

is that you have to hold your sobs            between stale breaths of urine

a man probably sits across from you               threatening to kill your mama

your whole lineage          on foe nem         something pretty about tears

landing on your ripped scarf         while you cross over the chicago river

clear your eyes and look up        see advertisements turn you symptom

an unfilled prescription bottle    there’s a study for that

am i bipolar              or broke               maybe broken            there’s no study for that

see yourself as little red dot on the moving map          drowning in rainbows

the loop is the most suffocating series of circles     I have ever wept in

ask myself        if a friend        or worse          coworker sees me

what will i blame my tears on    the wind                   always blame the wind

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