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2 poems

by Grace Harvey

Grace Harvey is currently a junior at Buffalo Seminary, and she is an avid lover of theater, music, and writing. At school, she is Co-President of the Harry Potter Club, and you'll almost always find her in the library or with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand. Grace does community theater in Buffalo and is always looking for a creative outlet, whether it's writing, acting, or anything else!


The picture of beauty and grace

  she didn’t walk, she floated

    down the street with the confidence

      of a queen and a smile that radiated

        in the moonlight,

          she was purely



            Still, three silver keys were pressed

          tightly between her fingers,

      sharp edges facing outward,

   for she knew that some were untouchable

in more ways than her.

The Effect of Dancing in the Rain

It’s been a while since I’ve existed with the rain,

locking myself away from her proved useless.

Closed doors and windows muffle her landing,

but we all know she comes and goes on her own time.

Her presence is always known,

but not always 



I haven’t felt her welcoming embrace and awakening composure in so long.

The shock of electricity 

that runs through me 

when I get 



the clean air around me 

as fresh,               tiny kisses 

               speckle                     my shirt.


We exist separately 

for I fear being 

drenched and lost.


Even so, nothing brightens my day like storm clouds,

like a drop on your forehead 

just heavy enough to know 

it fell from on a leaf.


The sky lets out a long, 

low rumble,

followed by a hot burst of light.


That’s how I know she missed me too.

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