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Greg Zorko was born in 1990 in upstate NY. He is the author of Ghost in the Club (Metatron Press). He currently lives in Madison, WI where he writes things and goes to school.

2 Poems by Greg Zorko

ok yeah like

i am leaving my apartment today,

after i find my keys


and bag of tropical Skittles.

my clothes are dirty

and so is my face.

going out

on a journey to the park

2 blocks away.

meeting you there,

to see your dog for the first time.

you chose the park

because it’s less serious

than going to your apartment.

you tell me it is a “neutral space”

you don’t let people walk in and out of your dog’s life,

don’t force your dog to do emotional labor

with zero reward.

she is a Welsh Corgi

her name is Madison.

i’m going to work super hard on this relationship.

it is worth it to me.


Diet Coke

listening to rap instrumentals

and doing unofficial yoga poses,

non-canonical yoga poses,

deep web yoga poses.

i am like

a fictional character in a really shitty novel.

whenever i am in a good mood

i remember the Britney Spears song

where she said

“there is nothing missing in my life.”

and think,

“oh wow,

awesome song.”

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