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3 poems

by Greg Zorko

Greg Zorko was born in Albany, New York in 1990. He is author of Ghost in the Club (Metatron, 2016) and Chirp (Ursus Americanus Press, 2018). He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. 

big old dolphin brain


you have trouble


with being alone


collect coins from your floor


and feel like Mario


afraid of outside and all bad weather


finding a way to tell you


i feel strong in one sense


and weak in all others


you use ellipses and i finish your sentences


in text or in email


funny how you can live a mile away


and feel like you are


a Cosmonaut


passing through space


hoping for universal equality


dreaming of the death of Capital


oh i just want everything to happen for you

Bradley Cooper



i wake up because of the bright moon


i'm sweating, my knees


feel like crushed cans of soda


today is going to be A Day


feeling like a true romantic


wanting to be The Idiot


pass the honey of the spoon into the teacup


copy the key to my heart at True Value


turn the key and feel its heat


i like the idea of giving up on poetry


and getting into




first the clear fingernail


then the skin


here are some moments


in the last week


that have made me feel calm:


listening to a Tom Wright lecture while falling asleep on the 6 bus


life after life after death


digging pieces of charcoal


up from my garden


life after life after death

two dog ears


an unstoppable job application


the Spiderman of job applications


the Lord of Craigslist


possessed of everything


in perfect abundance


my mobile house of stuff that no one wants


i squat at the end of my bed writing poems


eye level with the screen


cover my walls in empty paper


and think for no reason


about Fond du Lac


searching for divine grace


in a series of tubes


at the grocery store


i press the extra firm tofu and chuckle


buy a fake beard so that i can stroke my beard


make me a tape of your step dad’s favorite songs


fast forward through it so it sounds like birds chirping


you give to me a gift in love


i promise you a basket of all things


i am bringing you a cupcake of extraordinary color

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