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1 poem

by hazel avery

hazel avery is a poet and writer currently based in philadelphia. her debut collection number one earth was selected as the winner of the 2017 Metatron Prize. her poetry has appeared in The Puritan, b l u s h, hot dog mag, and fields mag. her poem "quilt" was recently exhibited in the Man-Made Disaster art show in London. Her non-fiction has appeared in Real Life Mag and Melt Mag. she tweets @saguarohugger and instas @jasper.v.avery. abolish ice.

a love poem

in bed the sun is

up but we wait

until the absolute

last moment to

make coffee you

bring coffee we

drink coffee you

say look then you

say look over there

i say what you say

look i say where you

say there i say

here you say no

there so i look

i say there you

say no there

so i look i see

i say here you

say yes you say

yes here i look

here i say yes here

you say yes i look

you say what

do you see there

i say here you say

yes here i see that

the sun is up and

there will be no end of us

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