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Jacob Shelton ate his twin in the womb and he is fine. He writes short stories about found photographs on

4 micro stories by Jacob Shelton

At least my work will never let me down, Teddy thought to himself after Bethany broke off their date. Then his Word documents snuck down to the bar with a spreadsheet while he reheated a bowl of soup.


It wasn’t until late in the editing process that Peter realized he had made a mistake by dumping all of his money into remaking Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. He looked around his squalid apartment and wept. The vacant costumes of Sub-Zero and Raiden watched as he dumped his computer in the trash and set fire to the remaining props.


Susan counted the overdue books on my shelf. She clicked her tongue at each one and canceled our Valentine’s reservations.


As Martin passed the coffee shop where Lauren worked he pressed his face against the window to see if she was making espresso for someone new.

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